Toddies&Tonics(Introductionary Statement)

Salutations My Faithful, and Hopefully Interested Readers. I Cordially Request and Appreciate Your Accompaniment on my Journey to Explore and Imbibe in a New World of Toddies& Tonics. With any luck this Journey may inspire you the Readers to try these Recipes in your Own Strange Worlds, or better yet, spread the Message to Other Beings Like Yourself that Share the Love of Tea Drinkin’ and Deep Thinkin’.  Friends are Not a Necessity for this Journey Mind You, they are a Luxury… Many a Toddy and Tonic has been enjoyed in the Solitude of One’s Own Space, so by all means Enjoy a Nice Elixir on your own sometime, even create your own. I cannot begin to express the Level of Excitement I have for the Coming Fall Weather and the Chance to Begin this Journey with You Lovely Readers.  In the Coming Weeks I will Explore various Tea, Tonic, and Toddy concoctions using only my Very Limited Knowledge of Herbal Medicines and Natural Remedies; In hopes of Creating Delicious and Warming Beverages for the Autumnal Season ahead. So without Further Adieu, It is Time To Traverse the Temptations of Toddies& Tonics.


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