The Rustic Rye Toddy


The Rustic Rye Toddy:

                The entire Concept and Inspiration for this blog came from this Impromptu Toddy combination that came to me One Night as My Beautiful Girlfriend and I were Sitting in the Sunroom Sniffling. After having ingested three packs of Emergen-C , several cups of Herbal Tea, and what felt like Half a Dozen cold Medicine Tablets through the course of My eight hour Work Day—- I finally decided that Something “Unconventional” was in need. Then, like an Ethereal Epiphany, it came to me…Why not Utilize the Myriad of Teas in the Cupboard and the Rye Whiskey in the Ice Box ? Toddies have worked for Centuries for a myriad of Medicinal and Aesthetic  Purposes; therefore the Common Sniffle should be no match for this Elixir. That’s when My Path to the Kitchen led me on the Journey into My New World of Toddies and Tonics…

The Construction of a Toddy or Tonic is not a Task that Should be Approached with any Fear or Apprehension. Most Commoners have the Ingredients for a solid Toddy (or at least a semi decent Cup of Tea) just Lying around the Cupboards. The most important Fundamentals in the Concoction of Said Beverages are Robust and  Aromatic Elements. Don’t be Afraid to Experiment with Earthy Ground Spices like Cinnamon or Clove. These are two of the Most Common Spices used as the coming Fall Season brings Pumpkin Pies and Candied Yam. Toddies can also be well Accented with Fresh Herbs such as Mint and Fresh Basil Leave. The Endless Possibility of Combinations ensures that the Journey will Take us Through many Doorways of the Palate. But for the first Leg of our Journey, I am going to showcase my First Signature Toddy; The Rustic Rye.

To Make This Toddy One will Need:

  • 8ozs Brewed Yogi Calming Tea
  • Dash of Ground Clove
  • Dash of Ground Cinnamon
  • 1oz Jim Beam Rye Whiskey
  • Splash of Lemon Juice
  • Dash of Honey

Calming - calmingJim Beam Rye.jpg

*Combine Clove, Cinnamon, Rye Whiskey, Lemon Juice, and Honey in your Favorite Mug or Drinking Vessel and stir Lightly to a Slightly Homogenous Specimen. Pour Hot Brewed Yogi Tea into Said Mixture and stir again until Honey has been Reduced. Leisurely Drink, and Passionately enjoy the Moments that Progress, until Nothing Remains in your Tankard.

The Rustic Rye Toddy is one that I find aids in Warming the Body and Soul, and Medicinally aids in Reducing Flu Like Symptoms.  Traditionally a Toddy would use a Bourbon to Add a Full Oak Body to the Drink, but in the Case of a Rye the Soft Spice of the Whiskey accompanies the Earthy Tones of the Clove and Cinnamon. Since the Goal of this Toddy was to Relax and Soothe, I settled for a Simplistic and Subtle pairing of Flavors. Honey Softens the Finish of the Beverage to Smooth and Sweeten the Bold Earth Tones of the Toddy.  Elegance does not Always equate to Extravagance, keep it Basic… and well, you will Basically always have a Terrific Toddy or Tonic. I Love You all and I Thank you Once Again for Dropping By my Page.


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