Fizzy MoonBeam

Fizzy MoonBeam:

Welcome Back Faithful Reader,

I trust that no doubt you have been working on your own Toddy and Tonic Combinations… Well if you Have not been Working on the Delectable Thing that is a Toddy or Tonic, I’ve got Something New to share with you. Now Since we have only been working on Toddies as of lately, I have decided that I am going to Debut my first Attempt at the Tonic. Now it’s Nothing Fancy, but it is very classy—and a sure shot way to Keep your Spirits High on these Ethereal Autumn Days. I’m not Going to Stray too Far from the original concepts of a tonic, a little spirit a little fizz, and a whole Wealth of Health.  So without further adieu…let’s Make this Damn Thing. You will Need:

  •  1oz Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey
  • 8oz Herbal White Tea
  • 4oz Red Rock Ginger Ale
  • Tsp Honey
  • 1 Mint Leaf
  • Pinch Cracked Black Pepper
  • Drink Shaker

First step In the construction of this Tonic is brewing the tea.  Bring one cup of water to a rolling boil, then add White Tea, Honey, Mint,  and Pepper to pot. Stir quickly and remove from heat. Cover and allow mixture to steep and cool. When mixture has cooled, strain mint and Pepper from the tea, and place tea in the refrigerator. While tea cools further, mix 1oz of Bourbon with 4oz of Ginger Ale. Then pour off 3ozs of Tea into Bourbon/Ginger Mix, cover and shake quickly. Pour and serve slightly chilled.

This Tonic makes a Great Around the House Drink, high in antioxidants and natural calming properties. Black Pepper works to excite the body’s natural Mojo, exciting the blood vessels of the Body and promoting Better Circulation. Also this Tonic makes  a great Showcase For Fall Dinner Parties, or simply unwinding Alone. The Fizzy MoonBeam is a Tonic Drinkers Tonic.I Look Forward to Next Time Readers, and I thank You For Dropping by. Best Wishes On Your Journeys.


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